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slut gets drunk and takes selfies for webcamclub profile

Girls drunk on beer and champagne do some odd shit. This one got so drunk she got horny. Once she was good and wet she started snapping photos of herself to see if a guy would come over and fuck her pussy. It was so late at night she got no responses on her profile page. Not being one to give up she then created a Web Cam Club dot com profile and fired up her laptop webcam. There she developed a following of guys that wanted to see her fuck that beer bottle between her legs.

Since she wasn’t in her right mind she went ahead and jabbed that bottle of beer up into her snatch. After a while it got stuck. She hobbled over to her bathroom and broke the bottom off of the bottle with a rock her little brother left in there. A shared of glass cut her pussy lip and guys went wild. They told her it looked like she broke her hymen. They wanted her to fuck herself with a shampoo bottle. Which she did.

You can see the recorded webcam video of it on her profile if you tip her $5 and she will also give you some pics. Totally worth it.

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