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I am kind of in between girlfriends right now so it is nice to have a girl like Belle Bond (Bella as some misspell it) willing to share her personal life with me. I have been a fan of this girl for years and I cannot believe she doesn’t have her own dedicated site yet.

Keep sending those boob pics, Belle. I know I am not the only guy that is grateful to look at them. The industry could use more real, down to Earth girls like you.

Get many more nasty pics from Belle on her personal blog. She shares all kinds of stuff including where she will appear next!

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At first glance it looks like these two hucksters are creepy old men, but then Bella Bond is a willing participant in this two on one video. They can’t get enough of her juicy tits. I almost felt sorry for her watching them kneed them so hard, but then I’d probably be doing the same thing if I was in their shoes. It is hard not to hit the gas pedal when you have such a hot piece of ass sitting in front of you.

Watch the entire video at All Star Reality Porn. The hottest spot for porn that doesn’t suck. Unless it is Bella and she is sucking on two cocks at the same time!

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Does it make me a cuckold husband because I enjoy watching my crush Belle Bond getting laid by Peter North? I wish. I mean, I wish I was her husband. But I am just a lowly fan with too much time on his hands. Belle deserves a man like me though. I would treat this redheaded hottie right. I would always let her know she is beautiful.

One of the most popular ways people misspell, and mispronounce, her name is Bella Bond. Some do it Belle Bonde or even Belle Blonde. Get it right people!

Enough of me. Enjoy her video.

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Why would anybody fall in love with a porn star they know they will probably (the jury is still out on this one) never get to screw? Because she is gorgeous. She is beautiful in so many ways. Perhaps what I enjoy most about her is her attitude. She knows she is a slut. I know she is a slut. I love her for that!

I have met Belle Bond many times. Most recently was when she appeared in a Toronto strip club. I crossed the border for the chance to get a lap dance from my crush and I ended up getting four… or was it give? I dunno! I lost count!

Belle is still working on her pay site, but she does have a blog where she keeps in contact with her many fans. Yes, I know I am not the only one with a hardon for this girl. Read her personal takes on everything from the new Pope to the new Coke!

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