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If there is one thing in all of the world that doesn’t make a lick of sense to me it is porn stars getting breast reduction surgery. Particularly when they have such nice fake tits like Jenna Jameson. Not only did she get her breasts reduced, she got her lips exaggerated. Now she looks like a fucking fish from Mars!

This all brings up the subject of quack doctors taking their patients money without really caring for their real needs. Nobody needs to be taking their boobs out in the porn industry. Jenna went from being an exceptionally hot, luscious, full figured leading porn star to a candidate for alien liaison should we ever be contacted. You know, to make them feel more at home.

What this girl really needs is a cheeseburger. Pump some more fat into that frame and it won’t need plastic surgery to look full instead of saggy.

This isn’t solely a breast enhancement issue either. There are plenty of quack doctors fronting as plastic surgeons after they are no longer able to get work in hospitals saving lives. They are in every aspect of the profession including dentistry.

Just another reason to do your homework before allowing somebody to change your physical appearance!

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